Sunday, May 27, 2012

SMHQ Exclusive: Pusha T disses Drake & Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne fires back

During a recent concert Friday in DC Pusha T disses Drake for stealing his rap swag but alongside with Lil Wayne.

The contenders are rapper Pusha-T and Drake and now Lil Wayne of Young Money Cash Money records has been added to the mix.

It’s not secret that Pusha-T and Drake were rap enemies prior. Pusha-T was publicly adamant when he called out Drake for stealing his rap swag and Drake fired back saying that YMCMB was the new hip-hop heavyweights and Pusha-T was a long way from reaching the top of the hip-hop ladder.
Well, Pusha has released a new song entitled “Exodus 23:1 where he takes aim at his nemesis Drake while including Lil Wayne and the rest of the young money crew as well. In the song Pusha raps:

"Contract all f–ked up / I guess that means you all f–ked up / You signed to one n—-, that’s signed to another n—-, that’s signed to three n—-s… Now that’s bad luck / Damn that sh-t even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can’t fly without your wings."

But Lil Wayne took it very personally and did a rap track that was posted On

For a song that titled "Goulish"

in his verse he raps:

"F*ck Pusha T And Anybody That love Em

As a diss to Pusha T himself

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