Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How Many Times (feat. Big Sean, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) (Official Music Video) | DJ Khaled

By Ryan Ngala
STN Music HQ Correspondent
"How Many Times" does DJ Khaled kiss one of the gorgeous girl while she talks with 4 of her friends, 
When DJ Khaled asked her while driving in his car he hollered,
"Baby, how many times I got to tell you, Come Over Here, Come over here" 
DJ Khaled said. 
"Who's your inspirational" he asked to the girl.
She replied "DJ Khaled of course"
"That's the smartest thing you ever said in your life gimme a kiss"
He said after giving a kiss to the girl 6 times as he said "Another One",
"Don't ever played yourself" he replied to one of the girls.
"Baby, you know I'm smarter than that" she replied. In an relax conversation 
"Who do you love?" he asked.
"DJ Khaled" she replied.
"Who do your friends love?" he asked again.
"DJ Khaled" she said. As the girl behind her waved to DJ Khaled in a top shirt with a tropical bottom top on.
"Just Know ... You Know Dat, You Know Dat" he replied to her,
She replied with "I got you" then started walking towards her friends as DJ Khaled walk back forward while heading to his car.

The Hit Song "How Many Times" was just released at 12 o' clock midnight on iTunes this Tuesday, with so much hype and anticipation in the song there's no wonder why DJ Khaled would released the music video yesterday, just days after the single hit will be released, It features with CBE's Chris Brown, Young Money / Cash Money's Lil Wayne and Def Jam's / Good Music's Big Sean, hope you guys stay tuned and watch the video as it unfolds.

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